Enjoy complete peace of mind and keep your beloved Miele appliance working perfectly for longer. By purchasing a Miele product, you have opted for durability, optimum user convenience, and excellent quality. All circumstances must be taken into account and it may need a court to decide. If you are rich enough to be able to handle the odd big bill though (or wise enough to have savings put aside) then you don’t have a fear of them, so you don’t need to insure against breakdowns and can just pay out for the odd repair every so often instead of paying out increasing premiums every year for ever. All units measure the same dimensions: 15 x 17 x 23.2 inches, specs which are common among … If you insure all of them and continue to do so I’d bet you’ll spend a fortune during your life. For big purchases, you might pay a bigger chunk up front, but you end up getting three or four years of warranty coverage. This particular decision is harder than normal because the washing machine in question has a reputation for outstanding build quality and reliability and already has a 5 year warranty –. If the Miele Product was properly installed and registered by an Authorized Miele Installer, this Limited Warranty will be extended for an additional (1) year. Key Benefits of the Miele Extended Warranty: Genuine Manufacturer’s Extended Warranty directly with Miele. Durability, optimum user convenience and premium quality - when purchasing your Miele product you made the best choice. At the time it included a years supply of bags, delivered free every year and a service. Therefore, an important rule of thumb would be that if you are interested in a longer than normal guarantee you should really buy a washing machine that has it included in the price. Is this in your opinion good value for money? I am on the fence on this one, but they are generally reliable. We can offer you an exclusive Miele Extended Warranty of up to 5 years. The amount of use the washing machine has had is one factor, and the amount the washing machine cost may be another. Consumer watchdog Choice’s spokesman Tom Godfrey recommends thinking twice before signing an extended warranty. I’m willing to take a chance on the build quaility of this particular machine. I usually dismiss such warranties as a waste of money, preferring to cover repair bills if they arise (which hasn’t happened yet). When it comes to cold hard logical facts it’s pointless insuring the vast majority of appliances in my opinion. In practice, an extended warranty is even better. Once you have activated it, you can access your certificate at any time in your user account under “MyMiele.”. -. For additional peace of mind you can extend your warranty with a Miele Extended Warranty Certificate. Would you like maximum peace of mind for your new appliance? This can be purchased to provide up to 9 years additional cover and must be bought within the standard 1 year manufacturer's warranty guarantee period. When servicing is required, we will provide quick and reliable help. Bissell As with the other vacuum manufacturers, the length of the warranty is often determined by the original cost of the machine, as more expensive models are usually better quality in terms of build, parts, and robustness. For a flat one-off fee Miele offers you an exclusive warranty of up to 10 years. If peace of mind is worth a lot of money to you and you can afford it then fair enough but I would also think if you can afford to insure all your appliances indefinitely you can obviously afford to just deal with any repairs if and when they pop up. If you are considering it as a potential money saving venture I think the strong odds are that you will spend considerably more insuring than saving money in the long run. My dishwasher broke down last week and I'm planning to replace it with a Miele. Even if the worst happens and within the next 4 years your fridge freezer does break down and you had to fork out a few hundred on a repair you will soon recoup that back in saved insurance payments over the following few years. ”. “If I sold a $200 extended warranty, I would get $20 in commission,” he says of his previous experience as a salesman. However, you would probably need to fight for that right and threaten the seller with small claims court action to get it. It’s possible that a court could decide a washing machine costing a mere £200 has lasted a reasonable time if it expires after 5 or 6 years, whereas the same conclusion would be surprising about a washing machine costing £500.”, My washing machine is now out of guarantee, but I don’t think I should have to pay for a repair. Are Extended Warranties Worth It On Household Appliances? As far as I can tell, and was led to believe at the time, the FF is ‘as new’: It came with a few cosmetic blemishes (a very small scratch) and a sticker on the front that still hasn’t fully come off after 2 years of trying! Most people take it out when it’s cheap, during the first 5 years when they don’t really need it and many problems would be covered under the Sale of Goods Act anyway but after 5 years, when the price starts going much higher they drop it because it’s too expensive even though they are more likely to need it (which is why the price goes up). Updated October 27, 2020 : First Published July 3, 2007, I received the following question today asking advice about taking out a 5 year extended warranty or not. I called miele to take out an extra 3 years extended warranty on a miele dishwasher but was told by miele it's illegal for miele to give extended warranty as it's passed 60 days. My washing machine came with Miele’s ‘free’ 10 year warranty. However, my view is that insurances that insure against very serious (even if extremely unlikely) events such as death, car accidents etc are a very different matter and should be taken out. Thanks David: The guarantee is different to our statutory rights. With the extended warranty for 5 years, you will receive 2 years manufacturer's warranty plus 3 years warranty extension. However, this is far more relevant on more ordinary washing machines and you should expect the Miele to stand up to a lot of wear because it’s designed to last at least 20 years. With the Extended Warranty, you have the option of extending the warranty for your Miele appliances to up to 5 years within the 1-year manufacturer warranty period. But in the paperwork that followed, Miele continuously failed to get John’s details correct. Once again, thanks for taking the time to reply and I hope this answers anybody else in the same dilemma. Or, is the machine that good that it wouldn’t need more money spent on it? Whether it broke or … Ha! With the extra it does bump it up to £759. A 2014 study found that consumers routinely pay over a 100% mark-up for extended warranties. The Brilliant is expensive, but if you can afford it, it’s worth it (we prefer the Marin if the Brilliant is just out of reach).. It’s sad that many of these people spend their lives trapped in a circle of spending money they can ill afford because of the fear of a big unexpected repair bill, which then leaves them much worse off financially over the big picture of large periods of time because it will almost certainly be cheaper to pay for repairs in the long run than to insure everything. But the truth is, the cost of your extended warranty is tied to the cost of your appliance. Although the Miele is very reliable, you do have to bear in mind that if faults do occur they can be very expensive to fix because obviously they need expensive, quality parts. We provide an optional Miele warranty for 1 year from the date of purchase for all Miele household appliances. After 5 years the cost goes up a lot more. Unfortunately in this case it isn’t good value for money because other Miele models such as the one I use (Miele W 3740) have a lot of extra features and already come with a 10 year warranty (NOTE: These extended warranties are used promotionally by Miele and subject to change). Hoods move air….which is not hard to do. Products to Consider a Warranty For. If we need to insure one then why not the others? We offer a special service option for this. As for my vacuum cleaner, I actually bought the extended warranty for that as it worked out very cheap. It’s the basis of all insurance that the majority of people will not need it. If you bought a $20 rice cooker and the extended warranty costs $20, then you're probably better off bypassing the extended warranty. When it averages out to something like $100 a year on an $800 purchase, that makes a lot of sense. Extended Warranties | Insights, reviews, and resources about buying home appliances and plumbing. I built a new home and moved in on 28 September 2020, two months over the suppose handover date due to structural defects. The appliance that you have bought is of excellent quality and construction. If you had your Miele Appliance installed by an Authorized Miele Installer, you can simply activate your additional year of warranty online here. For complete peace of mind the Miele Service Certificate (MSC) extends your manufacturer’s warranty period to 5 years from the date of appliance delivery, for a single charge of $ 249 (Inc.GST) per appliance. Miele Extended Warranty. I’ll not be taking out the extra warranty. With the Extended Warranty, you have the option of extending the warranty for your Miele appliances to up to 5 years within the 1-year manufacturer warranty period. Having purchased a Miele Premier 520 washing machine recently with a 5 year guarantee, we’ve now received the warranty certificate. It borders on paranoia to me and the insurance companies love it. Are Miele vacuums known for lasting a long time, or would this be a wise investment? Assess the cost of the extended warranty in relation to your purchase. I went on their website to place an order and added the extended warranty. Online Warranty Registration. When you need warranty or non-warranty service, just call (713) 574-9799 or fill out a website form to set up a convenient service appointment.. No matter what appliance you buy, the retailer is likely to offer you an extended warranty. It’s insuring against relatively trivial events that I personally find pretty unnecessary. In my opinion, if you buy a Miele product and it needs expensive repairs within the first 5 years you’d have a strong case against the seller anyway under the Sale of Goods Act claiming that the product didn’t last a reasonable time or was not the expected quality – especially as it’s a premium quality brand. Being able to spread the cost over 10 months will make paying for the warranty easier to stomach, but still I’m in two minds. Forbes rent appliances and specialise in renting Bosch appliances so they know them inside out. I have a Miele washing machine and vacuum cleaner and they have both performed admirably (touch wood). So if you took out the warranty you’d end up paying the same as a W 3740 but with no Honeycomb drum and other worthwhile features. White goods have a 5 year guarantee anyway irresepective of any warranty (UK law). So I think I got my moneys worth out of that policy. My question is, we’ve been offered a further 5 years guarantee which will make a total of 10 years for £199.00. You can buy this option for all Miele vacuum cleaners up to 2 years old. Next day delivery available, friendly company with over 5000 reviews on Trust Pilot, Price match promise: "If you find the exact same part or accessory elsewhere for cheaper, we’ll not only match it, we’ll beat it!" Extended warranty. Ironically it’s the least well off people that potentially benefit most by such insurances simply because they can least afford a big unexpected repair bill so they at least get some psychological relief from genuine fears by being insured. Washers have a very low repair rate. Extended warranty schemes are writing off appliances all of the time these days. You can use the Extended Warranty for all Miele appliances. With all the things we have to worry about why should we insure against potentially having to pay out a couple of hundred pounds? (This was after taking advice from your excellent site). If the choice is between an extended warranty or a slightly more expensive machine, get the extended warranty. The conditions of the Miele warranty apply. Miele will correct, free of charge, any defects in material or workmanship for a period of 2 years, subject to the terms of our Guarantee. :D, This site is run entirely by myself, an engineer with 40 years experience in the white goods trade, What you need to know about appliance extended warranties, Miele washing machine build quality review. I understand you could take it out later, maybe even much later. The price we paid was £529. It was bought from a local retailer that specialises in new & graded goods. Durability and premium quality - when purchasing your Miele product you made the best choice. An extended warranty, after all, is a form of insurance, and in a way, you're taking a bet. However, we will correct, free of charge, any defects in material or workmanship for a period of two years (the Guarantee), subject to the terms and conditions. The price of the W 3740 is no more expensive than the combined Premier 520 and extra warranty. Dishwashers, in general, are very reliable and not expensive to fix. They also rent other brands and many other products – more details, Ransom Spares is a family company with over 1 million white goods appliance spare parts for sale. If you buy a washing machine for $350, it’s not worth spending $200 on an extended warranty, says Triminio, a former salesman for a large appliance company. All repair costs, Miele genuine spare parts, including call-out and labour costs, are covered. It exists, and remains profitable because you are fairly unlikely to need to use it. With your purchase and registration of your Miele Diamond dishwasher, you will receive a complimentary 5-year warranty. You’d already have £100 toward the bill in the saved premium so if you had to find £200 you’d only really be £100 worse off. However, I’m worried that the cost to call someone out, never mind cover the parts, will be considerably more than £100. Just before the warranty expired I sent it away with a ‘funny noise’ and they serviced it, found no fault, replaced a broken hinge in the lid and returned it all shiny in it’s own little Miele bag. What to ask before buying an extended warranty How much will it cost? For the guarantee to remain in place, you can register your appliance on the website. (I can supply the web address if required.) Would you like maximum reassurance for your new appliance? At the end of the day there’s a lot of money to be made insuring reliable products, and of course any product can break down so it boils down to individual fears, and how much comfort and security an individual receives by insuring products against breakdown. Once past 5 years old they don’t like to spend much money on them. What about your cooker, hob, television and all your other appliances? The vacuum cost me £210, so it's almost a quarter of the cost again. In the first 5 years parts should be OK (apart from on cheap washing machines) but the period between 5 and 10 years is when parts can definitely start to fail because of wear. He also advises customers to be cautious of pushy salespeople. However, to enforce them you have to take a seller to court if the seller won’t comply. Miele 5 Year Promotional Warranty Terms and Conditions . You can pass on an extended warranty. Pretty colored, aren’t they? Skip Comments Note: Comments often contain very useful and extra information. What I found ironic was the letter starts with ‘Miele products are designed and tested to last for twenty years’, then goes on to say how I should pay this extra money to cover it if it breaks down as it gets older! Hi guys, just want to know if you have successfully bought extended warranty from miele when your delivery address is somewhere in Canberra. All Miele products come with a standard 2-year warranty. You can only get the optional 5-year Extended Warranty for your Miele appliances from us. You could need it, as presumably a small minority end up doing, but what about your washing machine and vacuum cleaner? The salesperson offers you an extended warranty that will cover the cost of services and repairs for three years and includes a replacement guarantee if the product can't be fixed. Dishwashers. For more information on extending your current warranty, please call 1-800-565-6435. Would you like maximum reassurance for your new appliance? With the Miele Extended Warranty program we offer you an exclusive Miele warranty of up to 10 years. Consider brands like Aga Marvel, KitchenAid, Miele, Northland, Sub-Zero, Thermador, and Viking. All Miele domestic appliances come with a free 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. Peter Tyson Appliances are an Authorised Miele Dealer and give high quality service coupled with special offers and competitive prices. The Miele extra warranty is different to third party warranties because it’s run by Miele themselves. We did see an opinion that if an appliance costs over 1,500 the extended warranty is worth it because the replacement parts (especially electronics ) are more expensive there. Sponge, if the odds were that you will need to use this insurance then it would not exist because they would lose money on it. On the second line we have the Homecare, the Homecare+, the Limited Edition and the Marin models.

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