Salary: £30,000 to £32,000 per annum Contract: Permanent Contract Pension: Company Pension Scheme available Probation: 6 months Start Date: 1 August 2019 Right now, the highest paying states for Technical Directors and Managers are NY, CA, NJ, DC and CT. He or she works with a great deal of independence and exercises independent judgment in performing a wide variety of duties. The theater technical director serves each performance group from the time they enter the theater until the final performance has been completed. The Technical Theatre Organisation Structure provides an overview of the various functions and job roles within a typical theatre organisation. As Technical Theatre Manager a lot of what you do is hidden from view, can you give us an idea of the process you go through to actually get a show on stage, and what happens after the lights go down? The technical director, along with the production manager, is responsible for the overall organization of the technical production process. Our Technical Theatre Manager Marco Cifre Quatresols sheds some light on what he and his team do to help bring productions to life. Competency Units are identified and sorted based on the functions, job role and WSQ qualifications level, to enable identification and development of appropriate training and development Rigging — the placement and safety of any elements that are placed over the stage — is also the technical director’s responsibility, in coordination with lighting and fly crews. Technical Directors of theater companies are often hired to fill the role of Technical Director for productions as well, but these are two separate jobs. The role: The Technical Manager will be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the theatre and the safe presentation of all productions, hires and projects in both Park 200 and Park 90. The technical director also coordinates with the director and stage manager to ensure actor safety and fulfillment of the director’s vision. The Technical Director (TD) has the daily responsibility for the technical operations of a theatre or performing arts center, including lighting, sound, set design and construction, and coordinating necessary maintenance. Job Title: Technical Manager – New Theatre Peterborough Responsible to: Theatre Director Place of Work: New Theatre Peterborough Hours of Work: 40 hours a week, including some evenings and weekends. Theatre. Prepares work schedules and assigns personnel to meet production plans. A technical manager, as the name suggests, has to do the balancing act of managing technical processes and teams along with using his technical skills to provide the necessary environment for project success. AMC Entertainment Theatre Manager salaries - 22 salaries reported: $14 / hrLandmark Theatres Theatre Manager salaries - 5 salaries reported: $43,981 / yrRegal Theatre Manager salaries - 2 salaries reported: $16 / hrYMCA Theatre Manager salaries - 1 salaries reported: $22 / hrRegal Theatre Manager salaries - 1 salaries reported: $15 / hr Theatre Technical Manager in Management, Arts & heritage with ROYAL ACADEMY OF MUSIC. It is a technical director's job to make sure the technical equipment in the theater is functional, maintained and safe. It is their job to make sure the technical equipment in the theater is cleaned and safe; although these duties should be delagated to a shop or house manager. In the software industry, the technical director is a manager that trains people with a company on how to operate technical equipment. One of the easiest ways to increase your salary as a Technical Director and Manager is to move to a higher paying state like NY. You will work hard to achieve the vision of Park Theatre, establishing the company as a powerhouse of drama with a national reputation. Apply Today. Organizations have several […] Trains and supervises all event stage crew personnel in technical and safety procedures for theater, equipment, and personnel. The job of a technical manager is highly complex and requires efficiency in both technical as well as management fields.

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