About Us

Founder and President: Claudine Wega 

As a parent of an autistic young adult, and speaking for my family that relies on our Christian faith for wisdom and vision, it is with great humility that we embarke on a new journey that we hope will positively impact the lives of  individuals on ASD. I have noticed first hand the influence of socialization on my son’s development. I have seen him mimic peers’ behaviors to a certain extent, with resulting improvement or regression in interpersonal skills depending on the setting that he is functioning in. My son’s symptoms also seem to diminish when he realizes a goal similar to those of typical peers, such as obtaining his High School diploma or attend a college-based program in an inclusive setting. These successes seem to help drive the need for more achievements through job and social skills trainings. I have also been amazed by the typical young adults that I have seen embrace their peers with disability while going to great lengths to make them feel just as comfortable as they are themselves, by communicating with them without making them feel any different from other peers. Students on the ASD receive benefit from a number of supportive programs while in school, and in some cases may obtain additional support afterwards through State or other governmental services. One area that appears to be in need of further development is that of inclusive social networking for young adults on the ASD.